Kharrazi: Azerbaijan Republic can’t buy security from foreign forces

Chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi has warned the Republic of Azerbaijan to be under no illusion about relying on foreign forces for security.

“Given their motives, illegitimate goals and interests, it can lead to military competition in the region, and harm or even destroy the host country. In addition, the greater the role of foreign forces, the deeper the dependence of the host country on them,” Kharrazi explained.

He warned that the Zionist regime is pursuing sinister goals that will ignite the flames of war in the region due to the strategic mistakes of the current government of the Azerbaijan Republic, and this will be a catastrophe.

He praised the liberation of Karabakh region last year, saying that Iran had long advised former Azeri president Heydar Aliyev to strengthen the country’s armed forces through logistical and educational cooperation with Iran to take back its occupied territories.

“It was unfortunately not accepted by him, and as a result, Azerbaijan became more dependent on foreign powers and resorted to foreign forces.” Kharrazi explained.

“Which regional country has been able to strengthen its military power through the presence of foreign forces on its soil that it no longer needs foreign forces?” the chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations asked.

He said the Islamic Republic is an undisputed power in the region because of its self-reliance and independence from foreign forces.

Kharrazi advised the northwestern neighboring country to rely on its own people instead of trying to “buy security” from foreign forces.

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