Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kani Grawan Spring; Amazing Site for Relaxation

Kani Grawan is a wonderful spring located in mountainous areas near Sardasht in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province. Thanks to the salt and minerals existing in its water, it has a colourful and beautiful bedding that is suitable for treatment of pains and relaxation.

It is located 12 kilometres northeast of Sardasht and is one of the important tourist attractions of the city. The spring is situated next to a village called Kani Guyz in the southeast of the Zab basin, where water comes out of the mountains.

The amount of soluble salts in it is about 1 gram per litre. The colourful bedding of the spring distinguishes it from other springs.

The water is cold and not drinkable because of salinity. The limestone structure of the spring is about 20 metres high and has been deformed over time.

If you reach the highest point of this spring, you will hear the sound of sprinkling water clearly. The small Zab River passes by the spring, which is one of the region’s richest rivers in the springtime. The water of this spring floats to the Zab River.

What follows are photos of the spring retrieved from various sources:

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