Saturday, November 26, 2022

IRGC to Spare No Effort to Help Palestinians Fight Israel

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has roundly condemned the recent Israeli atrocity against Palestinians at a peaceful demonstration, expressing its preparedness to help restore the Palestinian nation’s rights.

The IRGC, in a statement, denounced the brutal crackdown on Palestinians by Israeli troops in Friday’s rallies which left a large number of Palestinians dead.

The IRGC said efforts by the US and its European and regional allies to ensure the security of the fabricated and child-killing Israeli regime are doomed to failure.

“The occupying and racist Zionist regime [of Israel]’s slaughtering of more than 1400 Palestinians in the peaceful ‘Great March of Return’ by Gaza residents which came about on the back of support by the US as well as the White House’s European and regional allies showed once again that Zionists are extremely scared of a new Intifada taking shape and of the potentialities of Palestine’s Islamic resistance,” read part of the statement.

“The brutal crimes of merciless Israelis in the Gaza Strip reveals that the wicked dealing between the treacherous leaders of some reactionary and puppet Arab countries in establishing covert links with the occupiers of the holy Palestinian territories are doomed to fail and will get nowhere despite the US ruling elite and “unwise” President Donald Trump’s constant, covert and overt support, and will only strengthen the popular movement and Palestinians’ Islamic resistance and expedite the trend of wiping out the cancerous tumour of Israel from the region,” read the statement.

The statement said the international community and the real sympathizers of human rights are now facing a new historic test, highlighting the need to take immediate and firm action to decry the Israeli crimes. The statement also urged them to take practical steps to help restore Palestinians’ rights.

“The oppressed and defenceless people of Palestine need more action and practical steps than the conventional and diplomatic condemnations [of Israeli crimes] in order to be supported and to put an end to the Zionists’ crimes and occupation of their territories,” part of the statement read.

The statement described as unachievable the dream of stabilizing Israel and ensuring security for the usurper regime.

“Incontrovertibly, now that the Islamic community, given the collapse of the ISIS terror group, regards the final defeat of Takfiri terrorists as a prelude to focusing its attention on the issue of Palestine, and given that Palestinians sent a message to the whole world in their latest move that they are in the lead on this path, the IRGC serving as the powerful arm of the Iranian nation will spare no effort to help Muslim Palestinian people and will further tap into its potential to restore the rights of dear Palestinians,” the statement said.

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