Tuesday, March 5, 2024

IRGC busts terror band in West Azerbaijan Province

Iranian forces have arrested all members of a terrorist team in West Azarbaijan Province for trying to smuggle weapons and ammunition into the country, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced in a statement.

The IRGC said in the statement on Friday that twenty hand grenades were confiscated from the terrorists, who confessed that they were going to use the grenades in different cities against civilians and security forces.

The members of the terrorist team, who were directed by terrorist groups from across the border and some anti-revolutionary elements living in Western countries, were arrested before they could commit any terrorist act, the IRGC added.

In October, a Daesh-affiliated terrorist attacked the Shah Cheragh shrine in the southern province of Fars before the evening prayers, killing at least 15 pilgrims — including a woman and two children — and injuring 40 others.

At least seven people were also killed after terrorists opened fire at people and security forces at a crowded market in Khuzestan province’s Izeh around sunset on Wednesday.

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