Friday, June 21, 2024

IRGC official: Iraq’s deadline to disarm terror groups in Kurdistan to end on Sep 19

An Iranian military official says a deadline Iran has set for Iraq to disarm terror groups in the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq will end on September 19.

Deputy Operational Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Gaurds Corps Brigadier General Abbas Nilforoushan was referring to anti-Iran terror groups that sneak into Iranian territory now and then and have also carried out a number of terrorist attacks in the Islamic Republic.

Iran has on several occasions pounded the groups’ hideouts in the Kurdistan region using missiles and artillery fire.

In other comments Nilforoushan spoke about a range of issues including Iran’s missile might and the US’s negative role in the region.

He said Iran is making a new generation of hypersonic missiles, adding that the Zionist regime has to give up its current anti-missile shields.

Nilforoushan further stressed that Iran has accurate intelligence about how the Zionist regime’s anti-missile shields work.

The IRGC official also said the US plans to revive the Daesh terrorist group.

He however urged the US to leave the West Asian region.

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