Tuesday, November 29, 2022

IRGC, Iranian People Belong Together: Commander

The IRGC commander says people and the IRGC belong to each other and are cooperating closely to promote security and social activities.

Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari has expressed dismay over efforts made to trigger “minor media arguments” about the IRGC.

“As long as close bonds exist between people and the IRGC led by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, such attempts will only lead to failure for those making them. We will sacrifice our lives for Iranian people, so it wouldn’t be very difficult for us to tolerate rebukes,” he said, according to a Farsi report by Fars News.

He said the IRGC seeks to establish people-oriented security coupled with a “preventive approach.”

The top commander underscored that the IRGC considers solving people’s economic and social problems as important in ensuring security as weapons and military equipment.

He said the IRGC has set in motion plans to boost cultural and social activities with the cooperation of people and by using proper media mechanisms, promoting training programmes and focusing on removing top-priority threats.

He said the IRGC and people belong to one another and there is no line separating them.

He said measures aimed at ensuring security should be geared to striking at the root causes of security threats, and that people should be enlightened on the logic and mechanisms behind security measures.

He stressed the importance of “prevention and coordination” in making plans and conducting operations based on intelligence assessments.

He said the military’s intelligence and operational skills have improved considerably, and that unity between security forces and people has resulted in the establishment of security as expected by the public and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

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