Saturday, March 2, 2024

IRGC vows to continue attacks on terror bases in northern Iraq

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has said it will continue pounding targets in northern Iraq until all bases of terror groups are effectively dismantled there.

The IRGC also announced that officials in Iraq’s Kurdistan region are ignoring warnings from Iran about the need to dismantle the groups’ hideouts in the area.

The IRGC said the terrorist cells were involved in attacks on border regions inside Iranian soil and also were behind recent unrests in Iran.

The IRGC demanded the Kurdistan region’s official fulfill their responsibility in this regard.

The IRGC has launched several waves of missile and drone attacks on the bases of the anti-Iran terrorists in the Kurdistan region over the past days.

The terrorists are said to have smuggled weapons and ammunition to the rioters and thugs, who took advantage of a series of protests in Iranian cities to instigate violence and chaos.

The violence, sparked by the death of a young Iranian woman in police custody, has left dozens of people dead or injured.

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