Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iraqi president denies Iranian interference in Iraq, voices support for Palestinian statehood

Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid has vehemently denied accusations of Iranian military involvement in Iraq's affairs.

Speaking in support of an independent Palestinian state, President Rashid called for international pressure to halt the violence in Gaza and ensure humanitarian aid reaches those in need.

He condemned Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for disregarding international calls to end the war in Gaza.

President Rashid announced plans for Arab leaders to convene in Manama to address the ongoing aggression by the Israeli regime against the Palestinian people.

He highlighted the improving relations between Iraq and Arab nations, underscoring the complexity of regional issues, particularly the Palestinian cause.

Addressing border disputes, President Rashid revealed that Iraq and Iran have resolved their differences through dialogue.

He also criticized media silence on other countries violating Iraq’s borders and security.

Regarding Turkey, President Rashid expressed a commitment to finding a diplomatic solution to address “ongoing interventions” in Iraq’s affairs.

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