Saturday, May 27, 2023

Iran’s Wetlands; Habitat of Migratory Birds in Cold Season

Thanks to their suitable weather conditions and vegetation, Iranian wetlands are popular destinations for various migratory birds, especially at the beginning of the cold season.

When the weather gets cold, more than five million migratory birds travel over 3,000 miles from northern Europe and Asia to various Iranian wetlands including the coasts of Persian Gulf, Gandoman Pond in the southwest, and Eshqabad artificial lake in Tehran province.

Most water birds such as ducks, Eurasian teals, egrets, herons, flamingos and pelicans prefer warmer wetlands in the south.

Meanwhile, birds like house sparrows, crowns, white wagtails, doves, black kites, sandpipers, harriers, northern lapwings, etc. come to Eshqabad seasonal wetland.

What follows are YJC and Fars News Agency’s photos of beautiful migratory birds in Iran’s wetlands:

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