Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Reza-Abad Desert

Reza-Abad desert is located near the Khar Turan National Park, also known as Turan Wildlife Refuge, 200 km south-west of Shahroud in Semnan province, central Iran.

The desert is 100 metres away from a village of the same name – a perfect example of a desert, tourist village.

Reza-Abad has been the winter place of Choudari or Choubdari nomads, the Afghan tribes who migrated from Herat to the edge of desert, before the construction of current houses. The nomads still live there in tents.

Sand dunes in various forms, black nomadic tents, brick dome houses, herd of camels and clear skies are among the attractions of this desert region.

What follows are IRNA’s photos of Reza-Abad desert in central Iran.

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