Friday, October 7, 2022

Iran’s Nature in Photos: Meshe-Sui Hot Spring in Ardabil

The pristine nature of Meshe-Sui Hot Spring in north-western Iran attracts many tourists every year.

Meshe-Sui Hot Spring is located in Fandoqloo forest– called Findiqli by local people- in Ardabil province, north-western Iran.

Meshe-Sui means “forest hot water” in Azeri language. The spring contains water with a temperature of about 25 °C which has therapeutic effects. It is in fact a pond of about 4×6 m with an approximate depth of 70-80 cm; made by carving the mountain rocks next to a river of the same name.

What follows are Mehr News Agency’s photos of Meshe-Sui Hot Spring in Iran Ardabil:

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