Iran’s DM Arrives in Russia for Military Expo, Defence Talks

Iran’s DM Arrives in Russia for Military Expo, Defence Talks

Minister of Defence of Iran Brigadier General Amir Hatami has travelled to Russia to attend the International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army-2020’ and hold talks on defence and security cooperation with Moscow.

The Iranian defence minister arrived in Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on Saturday for a visit at the invitation of his Russian counterpart.

The Iranian general is going to take part in the opening of the 6th edition of International Military-Technical Forum, dubbed ‘Army-2020’, to be attended by 120 official delegations from around the world.

Brigadier General Hatami is also scheduled to hold meetings with Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu and a number of other top authorities.

Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in Moscow, the Iranian minister highlighted the close defense and security cooperation between Iran and Russia, saying he will be holding talks on a broad range of issues such as regional security and the exchange of defence technologies and military experiences.

Iran regards Russia as a friend and ally in the regional and international arenas, he noted, saying the two countries have always held close defense cooperation.

The Iranian defense minister finally noted that his visit would include plans to promote security in West Asia, handle the possible crises, and enhance Iran’s military and defense power in cooperation with the Russian Federation.

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