Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iran’s color-coded Covid map clear of ‘red,’ ‘orange’ cities as virus wanes

Iran’s color-coded Covid-19 map currently has no zones categorized as high-risk “red” and moderate-risk “orange,” as the coronavirus, which causes the disease, keeps showing signs of waning countrywide.

According to an updated version of the map released by the Health Ministry on Friday, the number of cities marked as “yellow,” where there is a “low-risk” of transmission, has also decreased from 319 to 259 cities.

In 189 cities, classified as “blue,” the situation has returned to normal.

Over the past several days, the daily Covid-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations have witnessed a sharp decline in Iran, after over two years of an all-out fight against the pandemic.

The success is largely attributed to a fast-paced vaccination campaign across the country.

Now over 85 percent of the country’s population is double vaxxed, with the officials saying herd immunity has occurred in Iran.

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