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Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Asiabar Traditional Market

The historical bazaar of Asiabar village in northern Iran is a traditional market that has supplied local and non-local products for centuries.

Asiabar is located in Deylman region of Siahkal County in northern Iranian province of Gilan. The traditional market of Asiabar is said to date back to the Safavid era.

There used to be more than 50 stalls in the bazaar to meet the needs of people from different villages: traditional forging, sewing, butchery, bakery, coffee house, hostel, carpentry, blacksmithing, pottery, shoemaking, trading, hospital, veterinary, petitionary, school room, pharmacy, apothecary and horseshoe making.

Easy access had been a main factor for the prosperity of Asiabar bazaar in the mountainous region of Deylman. It was registered this year in the list of Iran’s National Heritage as the first traditional market in the north of country.

What follows are ILNA’s photos of Asiabar bazaar:

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