Monday, June 24, 2024

Iranian Scientists Seed Clouds Using Nanoparticles

The researchers at Iran’s Yazd University have succeeded in seeding clouds using nanotechnology and nanoparticles production. Also, these nanoparticles can be used for defogging.

According to Dr Mohammad Joghataie, a faculty member of physics department at Yazd University, the nanomaterials synthesised and tested at Yazd University are low-cost nanoscale materials that are produced with domestic materials and create the same effect as ice crystals.

These materials do not have adverse environmental effects when used in seeding of the clouds. Materials used in clouds seeding and defogging have the same structure.

“Many of our airports, such as Mashhad, Ardabil, Tabriz, Hamedan, etc., are facing cold fog problem. we can use this material to launch defogging at an effective distance from the airport. We also have more than 285 mountain passes in Iran that are foggy and we can use this technology there,” added Joghataie.

So far, such a project has not been carried out inside the country and graphene particles have not been used for cloud seeding and defogging, he noted.

These days, many countries in the world are involved with drought and lack of water resources, and in order to resolve the problem, they have gone through various technologies to have more rainfall and have access to new water resources.

Reports say one-third of the global population live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month of the year. Half a billion people in the world face severe water scarcity all year round. Half of the world’s largest cities also experience water scarcity.

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