Monday, April 22, 2024

Iranian schools, universities obliged to resume in person education after Nowruz

Iran’s National Taskforce for Fighting Covid-19 has announced that all schools and universities across the country must resume their in-person classes.

The National Taskforce for Fighting Covid-19 also ordered all organizations to resume their normal working hours like before the Covid pandemic.

The body made the decisions on Saturday at a session headed by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The president thanked all Iranians for their help with efforts to bring the disease under control across the country.

Raisi underlined that despite the downward trend in Coronavirus deaths and infections, all Iranians should continue observing health protocols and avoid thinking that things are back to normal in this regard.

The president also said the current 50% rise in Nowruz trips shows the sense of security and joy has returned to the country.

He however noted, “All of us should be sensitive to observing the health protocols to avert another resurgence of Covid.”

The Iranian president hailed the healthcare sector for their nationwide vaccination campaign, saying giving people 150 million doses of vaccine is a great endeavor, but people should be encouraged to get their third dose as well.

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