Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Iranian president: Zionist regime is an enemy of humanity

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said the Zionist regime is the enemy of humanity and cannot be friends with Muslim nations.

Raisi also said the occupation of Palestine at the  expense of the Palestinian people proves this.

Raisi was speaking during a meeting with Defense Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov in Tehran.

Referring to the threat of terrorism, the Iranian president said the presence of Daesh terrorists in any part of the world will be detrimental to people and countries in that region.

He added that the terrorist groups have been created by the US and the Zionist regime and they commit murderous activities wherever they go.

Raisi said he’s hopeful that Azeri forces will not allow the Takfiri terrorist to gain a foothold in the region.

At the meeting, the Iranian president also spoke of ties between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. He said Iran and and Azerbaijan are not just relatives but their bond has been forged based on the religious beliefs of of the people of the two countries.

Raisi said Iran is ready to share its capabilities in various fields with the Azeri brothers.

He noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy is to expand ties with neighbors especially Azerbaijan.

He added that economic ties between Tehran and Baku are expanding fast now. The Azerbaijani defense minister for his part said at the meeting that his talks with Iranian officials were very useful.

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