Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iranian president says citizens should get third dose of Covid vaccine

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has underlined the need to persuade people to get their third dose of Covid vaccine and fine people who violate healthcare protocols.

He was speaking at a Saturday session of Iran’s National Taskforce for Fighting Covid.

Raisi cherished the report that new Covid cases have taken a downward trend, saying however that this should not make people think they can relax healthcare protocols. The president called on all people, guilds and employees to continue to follow the health procedures carefully and completely.

He added that responsible agencies should seriously and effectively follow the implementation of health protocols. Raisi went on to enumerate some high-risk spots for Covid outbreaks including public transportation.

The president then called for authorities to pursue the strict implementation of protocols, including in airlines, and observe the 60% ceiling of passengers.

At today’s meeting, Iran’s National Taskforce for Fighting Covid announced that researchers at Iran’s Barakat drug complex have succeeded in developing a new vaccine that could clearly and effectively inhibit the Omicron strain.

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