Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iranian official rejects Taliban claim about drug cultivation ban in Afghanistan 

The director general of Iran’s drug control headquarters dismisses the Taliban’s claim that drug cultivation has been banned in Afghanistan.

Eskandar Momeni described the claim as “mere word” and a “show”.

Momeni added that it’s highly unlikely the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan are serious and determined to ban drug cultivation.

He noted that if the Taliban’s claim is true, then “we must see its indications in the production of narcotics”.

The official further said in its recent report, the UN even declared that drug cultivation lands in Afghanistan have increased by 32 percent.

Momeni added that in 2001 when Afghanistan was occupiedby the US-led forces, it produced 200 tons of drugs, but now it has reached 10 thousand tons as per official figures.

The director general of Iran’s drug control headquarters noted that after the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has witnessed a surge in the production of industrial narcotics.

Iran has repeatedly criticized the international organizations including the UN for failing to provide Tehran with adequate assistance in its fight against narco-trafficking.

Iran has paid dearly in this regard as it borders Afghanistan to the east.

More than 3 thousand Iranian soldiers have been killed during clashes with armed narco-traffickers sneaking into Iran from Afhhanistan.

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