Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Iranian MPs Propose Motion on Granting Amnesty to Political Offenders

A large number of Iranian lawmakers have put forward a motion on granting amnesties to political and other offenders sentenced to death or life in prison.

That was announced by legislator Mohammad-Javad Fat’hi, who said the Parliament’s Presiding Board has received the two-starred motion signed by more than 70 lawmakers.

The motion envisions amnesties or the commutation of some sentences for offenders as well as immunity from prosecution for Iranian expatriates.

“Such a decision receives good feedback worldwide as far as human rights are concerned, especially at a time when we are under pressure and accusations that there are a large number of executions in Iran,” said Fat’hi, who sits on the Parliament’s Judicial and Legal Commission.

“The adoption of this law would be a step forward,” the parliamentarian added.

“The Clause 2 of the motion envisions amnesties for those convicted of, or charged with political and security offences,” he added.

However, he said, the offenders must meet certain requirements if they are to be pardoned.

“For example, the person charged with security offences must not have committed physical acts of sabotage such as setting a bank on fire or vandalizing public property,” he said.

“Espionage is also an exception because this a despicable offence in the eyes of all nations,” he added.

The lawmaker said the proposed law also grants immunity from prosecution to Iranian expats who want to return to Iran provided that no lawsuit has been filed against them by another person.

If passed by the Parliament, the motion would save the lives of many prisoners sentenced to death and commute the terms of those sentenced to life in prison.

The motion is part of the Parliament’s efforts to decrease the number of executions. In an earlier move, the lawmakers passed a law that prevents the execution of those charged with minor drug offences.

The law has effectively decreased the number of executions in the country, saving many inmates on the death row.

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