Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Iranian MPs Issue Statement to Express Support for IRGC

246 of Iranian lawmakers have issued a statement to express their support for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps on the anniversary of the IRGC’s establishment anniversary.

The statement says that the anniversary reminds every one of the efforts made by the organisation to defend the country, nation and the Islamic Republic during the past forty years.

“The formation of IRGC was aimed at preserving the revolution and the nation of Iran against the military, cultural, and political plots of the enemies,” read the statement, as reported by ICANA.

“Over the past 40 years, the IRGC has defended the Islamic Revolution against the military and cultural invasion as well as political conspiracies.”

The Iranian MPs have also hailed the significant role of the IRGC during the 8-year imposed war, their advisory role in Syria against the plots of US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, as well as their constant efforts in reconstructing the country next to their cultural, social, security role in the country.

Reiterating their support for the IRGC, these lawmakers have called on the authorities of the country to frustrate the enemies, especially the Zionists, the US and Al Saud, by helping this popular entity.

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