Iranian Lab Doing Tests on Monkeys to Treat Ocular Diseases

A laboratory at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in northeastern Iran is using monkeys to test the most effective strategies for the treatment of diseases in the perception and eye movement disorders.

According to the laboratory manager, it seeks to provide an interdisciplinary environment for educational and research activities and collaborations to expand the activities of professors and researchers in various fields of cognitive neuroscience. It is also necessary for the development of young and capable human resources in this field.

To this end, laboratory studies have been conducted on a monkey investigating the neural mechanisms of controlling visual perception and eye movements.

Researchers conducting cognitive studies on these monkeys hope they can acquire a better understanding of the animal’s brain. Such cognitive behaviours will also provide effective strategies for treating diseases in the systems of perception and eye movement disorders.

Iran recently hosted a conference for researchers and professors in the field of cognitive neuroscience to present solutions to transform challenges into effective opportunities in a bid to facilitate research and educational activities and to make use of potentialities for more useful cooperation.

At another meeting, a neuroscientific research was conducted at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad’s vision and eye-movement laboratory to better understand the brain and cognitive motions of this type of monkeys.

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