Iranian Judiciary Chief Urges Compensation for Supertanker’s Detention

US Protests to Engulf Entire America: Iran's Top Judge

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi says Tehran should claim compensation for the illegal detention of its supertanker ‘Adrian Darya’, which had been captured by the British Royal Navy and held in Gibraltar for six weeks.

In comments on Monday, Raeisi described the government of Gibraltar’s decision to release Iran’s supertanker Adrian Darya, formerly known as Grace-1, as a testimony to the defeat of Iran’s enemies.

“Such length of detention (of Iran’s tanker) would not be simply made up for with its release, rather, compensation must be received with legal proceedings, so that it would give a lesson to all those violating international regulations,” the top Iranian judge noted.

The Iranian supertanker has been released by the government of Gibraltar more than a month after it had been captured by the British Royal Navy on suspicion of attempting to breach global sanctions against Syria.

Gibraltar on Sunday rejected a US request to continue holding the Iranian supertanker. The ship, containing more than 2 million gallons of Iranian light crude oil, was seized on July 4 in a British Royal Navy operation off the coast of Gibraltar.

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