Iranian FM warns of war spillover if Zionist regime’s aggression against Gaza doesn’t stop   

Iranian foreign minister has once again warned that the war in Gaza could expand if the Zionist regime does not stop its aggression against the territory.

Speaking during an interview with the British daily The Financial Times, Hossein Amirabdollahian said, “Iran does not want the war to spread, but due to the approach adopted by the US and Israel in the region, if the crimes against the people of Gaza and the West Bank are not stopped, any possibility could be considered, and a wider conflict could prove inevitable”. “The war has already expanded in the region,” he added.

“The fact that the Yemeni army  attacks the occupied territories with missiles and drones means the war has begun to expand”. “Over the past 40 days, messages have been exchanged between Iran and the US, via the US interests section at the Swiss embassy in Tehran,” Amirabdollahian added, while ruling out the possibility of direct talks with Washington. Amirabdollahian further noted that Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and other groups in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen are not Iran’s proxy forces, saying each has an independent political identity.

But he warned that these groups “are not indifferent towards the killing of Muslims in Palestine”.

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