Iranian artists slam decision to give home entertainment to IRIB

A group of Iranian artists have objected to President Ebrahim Raisi after a decision was announced to give the right to oversight of home entertainment products to the National Iranian Radio and Television, known as the IRIB.

The decision was approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Some famous Cinema and television actors and actresses also expressed concern over the rising number of artists who are banned from working and the shutdown of home entertainment “as the only hobby for people” and the source of income for thousands of households from the movie industry.

They suggested that the bans came following a go-ahead by Raisi, urging the president to reconsider the decision.

Parviz Parastooei, Mehrab Ghassemkhani, Ali Shdman and Anahita Afshar are among the artists who objected to the shutdown of home entertainment.

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