Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iran rejects US, UK accusations regarding cyberattacks in Albania

The spokesperson of Iran’s foreign ministry has rejected as baseless the accusations of the US National Security Council and the UK foreign ministry against the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding an alleged cyberattack on Albania.

Nasser Kanaani pointed out that the US and the UK, that had previously remained silent in numerous cyberattacks against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s infrastructures and even against its nuclear facilities, lack any legitimacy to level such accusations against the Iran.

While strongly condemning the accusations, Kanaani added the US and the UK have in the past directly or indirectly supported those anti-Iran measures.

The spokesperson of the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs warned against any political adventurism against Iran with such ‘ridiculous excuses.’

He warned against any possible conspiracy against Tehran, adding it would be met with decisive and immediate response, so as to make the perpetrators feel regretful.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country that has been repeatedly attacked by cyberattacks, is an important part of responsible international efforts to deal with the threats of such attacks.

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