Thursday, February 29, 2024

Iran: US should decide on sanctions, other issues, before Vienna talks advance

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says the outcome of the Vienna talks on the 2015 nuclear deal hinges on Washington’s decision to remove sanctions and commit itself to other outstanding issues.

“Part of the parentheses have been cleared and agreements have been made, to a great extent, on tabled ideas. What remains are key issues that specifically call for special political decisions and Washington should make its decision on outstanding issues and the removal of the sanctions,” the ministry’s spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in his weekly presser.

Khatibzadeh added that if such decisions are made after chief negotiators in the talks return to Vienna Monday, then one can say “We are moving toward a reliable and lasting agreement with a good pace”.

He also talked about the demand by 110 US republican lawmakers that Washington leave the Vienna talks. 

“We do not recognize more than one government in the US and stress the clear responsibility of the US in fulfilling its obligations in the 2015 nuclear agreement and the resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council. The US has arrogantly refused to meet its obligations under this resolution,” he said.

Also referring to the implantation of the 25-year strategic partnership agreement between Iran and China, he said 

“The logic behind this agreement is a roadmap for long-term cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and People’s Republic of China and upgrading ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership.” 

“The agreement was pending the implementation of its various articles in the fields of economy, culture, politics, parliaments and judiciaries, and this was done thanks to the special focus by the government.”

Khatibzadeh then addressed the issue of ties with Saudi Arabia. He said as already clarified by President Ebrahim Rasisi, Iran is ready to open its embassy in Saudi Arabia, but that “depends on the Saudi side and what actions they take”. 

Next he talked about President Ebrahim Rasisi’s upcoming visit to Moscow. The spokesman said Raisi is visiting Moscow upon repeated invitations by Russia and as part of his government’s policy of a balanced foreign diplomacy.

Khatibzadeh said, during the visit, Raisi will hold detailed discussions with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on a range of issues including cultural, political, economic and technological cooperation.

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