Monday, May 20, 2024

Iran to mete out penalties to employees avoiding Covid jabs

The Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran says punishments will be announced for employees, who have refused to get coronavirus vaccines.

The organization’s deputy director for renovation says the punishments will be based on a recent ratification by the National Task Force against Coronavirus.

“The disciplinary measures are staged,” Allaeddin Rafiei said. “The first stage is a written warning notice without insertion in the employment record, the second stage is a written warning notice with insertion in the employment record and the third stage is deduction of a third of salary, job premium and similar [payment] titles for a maximum period of one month.”

The official added that more than 90 percent of the government employees were vaccinated by Friday and the rest may have a justifiable reason for not having received the vaccine. 

That, he said, includes cases who were told by physicians that the Covid vaccine may be harmful to them. However, he said it is not clear how many people who have not received the jab have justifiable excuses.

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