Iran to Hold Joint War Games with Russia, China Soon

Iran's Armed Forces with the national flag attend the opening ceremony of the airborne platoon competition, part of the International Army Games 2017, in Guangshui, Hubei province, China, July 30, 2017. / Photo by Reuters

A senior Iranian military official says Iran, China and Russia are to hold joint military exercises north of the Indian Ocean in the near future.

Brigadier General Qadir Nezami said Iran has begun to stage joint maneuvers with other countries.

“For the first time after the Islamic Revolution, we will hold a trilateral joint naval war game with Russia and China as two major powers in the north of the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Oman,” said General Nezami, the director for international affairs and defence diplomacy of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

“Many political and military estimates and analyses will give much weight to these events and will take them into account in strategic developments,” he said.

He said the area where the maneuvers are to be held lies in international waters.

“We are not planning to stage the war game in the Persian Gulf,” he noted.

“Military exercises have different objectives, which, on many occasions, include an exchange of tactical and military experiences,” he said.

“Sometimes, these war games have political objectives and show a kind of convergence among participants,” he said.

The top general said Iran has given fresh impetus to its defence diplomacy over the past couple of years, including the establishment of joint defense commissions with 12 countries.

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  1. The USA should have kept talks alive with Iran I think there is a way to talk and make new deals that can stop all the different problems with out destructive wars . The problem with USA they kept changing from one thing to the other as presidents sit in office . What was that hard work for trying to come up with a deal with Iran and European nations just to wipe ot off the table.

  2. If push comes to shove Russia and China will support Iran. This is how world wars start. Remember this, the old guys start wars and the young guys finish it. Sad but true.

  3. Iran has the right to live like all countries in the world should. No one civilised country reserves the right to invade another country to make a regime change – at their own whimps and fancies


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