Iran Starts Extracting Healthy Drinking Water from Rain

Iran Starts Extracting Healthy Drinking Water from Rain

Iran has begun to extract drinking water from rainwater as part of a project implemented in Mazandaran province, north of Iran.

In Iran, there is a large amount of precipitation in the north. This amount of rain falls into the sea without any use, considering the high costs of desalination.

As a solution to the problem, the Water, Drought, Erosion, and Environment Technologies Development Headquarters of Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has started a joint project, named “Extraction of Drinking and Distilled Water from Rain,” to make up for some of the shortcomings.

The plan can be effective in diminishing the negative impacts of water scarcity considering the serious water crisis in the country, where over one cubic metre of clear rainwater annually enters every one square metres of land in coastal areas.

With this project, large quantities of rainwater can be kept from entering the sea each year, which can only return to its original quality at a very high cost.

Today, drinking water gained from rain is undoubtedly one of the safest and best drinking water in the world if it is provided on the basis of sanitary and hygienic standards. The water is free from any heavy metals, compounds and toxins of industrial and agricultural activities.

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