Thursday, April 18, 2024

Iran tourism: Beauties of Siahkal in in Gilan Province

With the arrival of spring and after that the heat of summer, more Iranians travel to northern areas, which have a pleasant climate.

Sihkal is one of those areas. It is a county in Gilan Province with a population of just over 18,000 people. Locals call it Si Kal.

In the local dialect, Si means a big rock and a steep mountain, and Kal means a village. Therefore, Si Kal, or Siah Kal means a village on the steep side of a mountain.

This city is exceptionally green and boasts fascinating forests, known nationally as Sih Kal forests. Thick lush foliage and unique nature have made Sih Kal one of the top tourist attractions of Gilan and one of the best sights to see across Iran.

This has made the area an excellent venue for holidays. Apart from Siah Kal forests and its caravansary, Sih Kal is also crisscrossed by rivers, which are among its other tourist attractions.

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