Friday, February 23, 2024

Iran Says Welcomes Peaceful Power Transition in Afghanistan

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the Islamic Republic welcomes a peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan through its newly-established strategic council of top leaders, and hopes all parties resolve the current problems through talks.

“We are carefully and closely following the developments and are in contact with all parties. As [Foreign Minister [Mohammad Javad] Zarif reiterated in his tweet, the Islamic Republic of Iran uses all available means to facilitate dialogue and compromise in Afghanistan and welcomes the coordination council initiative,” Saeed Khatibzadeh told reporters in a press briefing.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys numerous historical, civilizational and cultural commonalities with Afghanistan and, at all key and sensitive points in the country’s [Afghanistan] history, with all its power and despite shortages and restrictions, has stood with the neighboring Muslim nation. Accordingly, Iran will stand with them at this fateful point just as it has always done and will put in every effort to ensure peace and calm [in Afghanistan].”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran expresses concern about the escalation in violence in Afghanistan and calls on all parties to reduce violence, keep calm and work for peaceful solutions through talks.”

Khatibzadeh also said Iran strongly hopes that the lives, properties and families of all people, especially the civilians, are protected from any act of aggression amid the swift developments in Afghanistan. He also called on parties to show their commitment to these issues through exercising restraint and looking to the future, and prevent violent groups from exploiting the Afghan territory for their own ends.


“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly demands serious attention to immunity of diplomats and diplomatic premises within the framework of international conventions and underlines the necessity of keeping diplomats safe and ensuring the security of diplomatic premises. Clearly, the Foreign Ministry is in constant contact with its diplomatic staff in [Iran’s] embassy and consulate in Kabul and Heart and continuously monitors the developments,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the rise in violence and the recent unrest has unleashed a new wave of displaced people. We hope the international community and relevant international bodies pay serious attention to this issue and, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, help the displaced in line with their inherent duties without losing time.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran hopes all parties resolve existing problems through talks and understanding. In line with this, Iran, once more, expresses its readiness to help the resolution of topics related to Afghanistan through intra-Afghan talks, owned by Afghans, and also to help create a regional consensus on the issue of Afghanistan. It is in this context that we welcome the peaceful transition of power through the strategic council, comprised of top leaders of Afghanistan.”



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