Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iran Says No Decision Made to Quarantine Any City

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed rumours that certain cities in the country are being quarantined amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking at a Wednesday session of the cabinet in Tehran, President Rouhani made it clear that his administration has not made any decision about placing people under quarantine at any place or city.

“People should not pay attention to the rumours,” the president added.

He also emphasized that the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran should not become a “weapon for the enemies” to shut down the activities and production inside Iran.

The president also hit back at the US for downplaying the fight against the new virus in Iran, saying the Americans had better feel concern about the thousands of people who have died of flu in their own country.

President Rouhani also reiterated that any decision about the closure of public place or other precautionary restrictions comes only within the purview of the National Headquarters of the Fight against Coronavirus.

He also noted that the responsibility to announce the latest statistics, offer the medical recommendations and publicize the centers for the diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus lies with the national headquarters alone.

The president also highlighted the very good measures that have been taken over the past two weeks to prevent, detect and diagnose the coronavirus cases and to quarantine and treat the patients across the country.

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