Monday, March 4, 2024

Iran Says New US Sanctions Show Trump’s Desperation

A senior Iranian official says Washington’s new sanctions indicate President Donald Trump’s desperation resulting from the United States’ back-to-back defeats in the face of Iran.

Mahmoud Vaezi, the chief of staff of the president, said all US efforts to harm Iran in recent years have been to no avail.

“The Trump administration has used all its power in the past three years to deal a blow to the Iranian nation, from the Warsaw conference to the recent efforts by this country (the US) at the UN Security Council, but all their efforts failed,” he said.

“Although the Americans’ hostile and cruel moves have created problems for our people and put pressure on them, the US has failed to achieve any of its stated objectives,” Vaezi said.

“The US put Iranian people under heavy pressure to force them into submission, but failed to,” he said.

“Their efforts to activated the trigger mechanism and bring back UN sanctions also failed thanks to Iran’s effective diplomatic demarches, and they (the Americans) found themselves more isolated than ever in the international community,” he said.

“These back-to-back defeats have unprecedentedly undermined the US government’s credibility, and the recent sanctions imposed by this country are just a show to overshadow this loss of credibility,” he said.

Vaezi dismissed the US sanctions on Iranian banks as completely illegal, against international regulations and a blatant violation of human rights.

“Still, the sanctions will not sap the will of the Iranian government and nation,” he said.

He said Washington’s anti-Iran moves are linked to US presidential elections as Trump is seeking to improve his dwindling approval ratings.

“The US government’s very poor performance in tackling the coronavirus pandemic as well as Washington’s adventurism in its foreign policy have pushed Trump’s popularity to its lowest level possible, and part of the United States’ anti-Iran moves are rooted in this reality,” he said.

“Most opinion polls and public opinion surveys indicate Trump is not in a good position in comparison with his rivals, which has made him seek to cover up this major failure through publicity stunts in the foreign policy domain, including confrontation with Iran,” he said.

Vaezi added Washington’s new sanctions aimed at blocking the financial transactions of some other Iranian banks are doomed to fail, too.

He said the sanctions aimed at preventing food and drug sales to Iran show that the US do not abide by any ethical principles and international regulations.

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