Iran’s Central Bank Governor Downplays News US Sanctions

Iran’s Central Bank Governor Downplays News US Sanctions

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says the United States’ new sanctions mostly aim to serve Washington’s propagandist-political objectives.

Abdolnasser Hemmati made the comment in reaction to the fresh US sanctions imposed on 18 Iranian banks.

“A number of these banks are tasked with transferring finances in order to buy drugs and food, and the foreign banks which had transactions with these [Iranian] banks have practically received the necessary exemptions and permits to provide funding for medicines and foodstuffs,” he said.

The top banker said Tehran has had problems over the past months in terms of providing medicines and food for people due to Washington’s “maximum pressure” strategy.

“But so far, by using certain methods, we have not allowed the country to face any shortages,” he noted.

“From now on, too, the CBI along with the private sector will do its utmost through different ways to provide drugs and basic commodities needed by the people, and will not allow this issue to put more pressure on people,” he said.

He noted the US sanctions show this country’s claims of being an advocate of human rights are a lie.

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