Iran Says Focused on Producing Goods Sanctioned by US

File photo of Iranian Vice-President Sorena Sattari (fourth from right) accompanying Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a visit to an exhibition of Iranian knowledge-based products in Tehran on on Oct. 8, 2019 / Photo by the Leader's website

Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says Iranian knowledge-based companies have put the production of goods sanctioned by the US on top of their agenda to counter Washington’s cruel embargoes.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to several knowledge-based manufacturing units in the Caspian industrial town of Qazvin, Sattari noted that the sanctions have provided a good market for knowledge-based companies.

He referred to the activities of 4,000 knowledge-based companies in the country underlining that these companies export $1 billion worth of products annually and the Islamic Republic is doing its best to increase this figure.

Last year, thousands of jobs were created in knowledge-based companies in the country, he added.

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Satiari said the boycott of knowledge-based companies has increased their sales, adding that the significant growth of knowledge-based companies over the past five years is a proof to this claim.

“We are witnessing the growth and development of these companies with the effective support of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the President, and the support of government agencies,” he concluded.

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