Friday, March 1, 2024

Iran reports 321 blue cities, no coronavirus red zones

Iran has declared 321 cities as blue zones having almost no risk from Covid-19 while reporting that the country currently has no coronavirus red zones with high risk.

According to Iranian mobile phone application Mask, which tracks the spread of Covid-19 and warns people to avoid high-risk areas, 321 cities are blue, 8 are orange with high risk and 119 are yellow  or wiuth medium risk.

Iran has been reporting a downward trend in the number of fatalities and infection cases over the past weeks. This has been largely attributed to the intensified nationwide vaccination campaign.

On Friday, Iran’s Health Ministry reported 79 new deaths from the respiratory disease brining the total number of fatalities to 130,603.

The Islamic Republic has so far administered nearly 110,000,000 vaccine doses with over 49 million Iranians fully vaccinated.

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