Iran Ready to Export Homegrown Industrial Robots

An Iranian knowledge-based company is using domestic know-how to design and develop industrial robots that measure up to the latest standards and are ready to be exported.

The Iranian firm Qeshm Voltage company has managed to domestically develop modern technologies by producing research-laboratory equipment needed to make industrial robots and control panels.

The company, which was the automation and drive agent of the German company Siemens in Iran, began its work with this multinational conglomerate. Over years of its operation, Qeshm Voltage began to realize the needs of the Iranian society, from the need for aftersales technical services for sold equipment to offering training on automation in different industries due to a shortage of automated machines.

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Accordingly, automation training programs got underway in various industries. Currently, some 2000 engineers are trained in short-term courses and receive local and international certificates.

For instance, certain controllers are installed in systems handling the process of oil and gas production. If engineers want to operate these controllers, they first need to receive PLC control system training, which is offered by this company.

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