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Iran says ready to cooperate with IAEA

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman says the country is ready to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency to eliminate the fabricated and false image about the country’s nuclear activities.

Nasser Kanaani said in his weekly presser that cooperation with the agency will be both on Iran’s obligations and rights.

The spokesman added that he is aware of no draft resolution against Iran in the upcoming meeting of the agency’s board of governors.

He also touched on the resolution adopted against Iran in the IAEA’s board of governors in June, stressing that Tehran believes any repetition of the previous unconstructive moves would lead to another unconstructive result.

Kanaani said he hopes the countries that care about the IAEA’s credit as a non-political, specialized and technical organization do not sacrifice it for their own political viewpoints and interests.

Kanaani further warned that Iran will adjust its future steps and reactions with an eye on the developments in the IAEA.

The spokesman also talked about the recent anti-Iran statement by France, Germany and the UK, saying they should adopt a constructive approach and make up for their past mistakes.

Kanaani said their move was ill-advised, incorrect and taken at the wrong time.

“An agreement is a two-way road and we expected the parties to the [nuclear] negotiations to act constructively in this regard,” he said.

The spokesman also criticized the European trio for disregarding Iran’s constructive steps in relation to the IAEA, saying they issued the statement under the influence of Israel, “which is a party to no international safeguard system.”

The spokesman also touched on the regime’s claim that it has submitted new evidence on Iran’s nuclear activities to the IAEA.

He said Israel always played a clearly destructive role in the process of talks for revival of the nuclear deal.

The spokesman also said Iran has already submitted its response on the viewpoints of the US and is awaiting their official response, noting that Iran has not tabled new demands and has not raised new issues that may prevent an agreement.

Kanaani added that the US needs to adopt a constructive approach on the talks for the revival of the nuclear accord and must prove that it would be a trustworthy party to a renewed agreement, would not violate international laws and would not create crises.

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