Saturday, December 10, 2022

Iran Produces Formula, Anti-Parasitic Spray for Ornamental Birds

An Iranian knowledge-based firm has managed to produce formula and anti-parasitic spray for ornamental birds.

The firm in Alborz Science and Technology Park is involved in producing nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products for livestock, poultry and aquatics.

The produced formula made specially for the ornamental birds has been processed by the cutting-edge technologies in this field.

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It is made up of specialised probiotics enriched inside the country by specialised new technologies for producing genetically engineering milk.

The anti-parasitic spray is also produced by the same firm at a high quality capable of competing with its European and American peers, but sold at a quarter of their price in the market.

Iran Produces Formula, Anti-Parasitic Spray for Ornamental BirdsThe firm’s products have been welcomed by many customers from across the country. The firm has also been exporting its products to the neighbouring countries.

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