Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Iran President Urges Full Implementation of Social-Distancing Plan to Counter COVID-19

The Iranian president has communicated the necessary instructions to relevant authorities in the campaign against the coronavirus outbreak.

In separate phone conversations with ministers of health, oil and the interior, President Hassan Rouhani emphasized that the plan overseeing the return of holiday makers from their trips should be implemented in such a way that cities’ entry and exit gates are not overwhelmed by travellers.

In his phone conversation with Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, President Rouhani issued the necessary instructions with regards to supplying the petrol needed by travellers. Rouhani said people should be ensured that the trend of petrol supply is not disrupted at all.

“There is no problem with regards to the supply of required petrol, and people should not pay attention to baseless rumours,” said the president.

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Also in phone call with Interior Minister Abdoreza Rahmani Fazli, the president touched upon travel restrictions both within and between cities as part of the Social-Distancing Plan.
“All restrictions should be enforced as instructed by the Security, Social and Law Enforcement Committee of the National Commission for Campaign against Coronavirus,” said the presidents.

The president said the instructions should be implemented to the letters, and any leniency or strict action which fall outside the provisions of the instructions should be avoided.
President Rouhani said the Social-Distancing Plan should be implemented in the best way possible.

“This plan aims to ensure people’s health and a centralized management in the fight against the coronavirus, and its implementation should not harm security in the society,” said President Rouhani.

Also in a phone call with Minister of Health and Medical Education Saeid Namaki, the president received new reports on measures adopted by the ministry and the National Commission for Fight against Coronavirus.

“All relevant institutions, especially the ministries of health and the interior, should adopt the necessary measures to give prompt answers and remove ambiguities and counter rumours spreading across the nation,” he said.

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