Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iran plans to produce 17k MW of nuclear power in 20 years

The Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says the country will be producing 10,000 MW of nuclear power next year and plans to increase the production to 17,000 MG in 20 years.

Mohammad Eslami, who is visiting the southern city of Abadan, says Bushehr nuclear power plant has already saved Iran 80 million barrels of crude oil and has been a great boon to addressing shortage of electricity supply in the country. 

“Expanding power generation capacity through nuclear power plants is one of the objectives of the 13th administration. The Darkhovein site is part of the planning in this regard,” the vice president said.

“Today, using nuclear power plants is the cleanest, the most long-lasting, the most reliable and the most economical solution for power generation in the world. Seeing the emphasis by the Islamic Revolution Leader on production of 17,000 MW of nuclear power in the country, we included production of 10,000 MG of nuclear power in the next year’s budget,” he said. 

Eslami added that planning is needed to ensure enough power generation to address the needs of the future generations.

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