Sunday, June 23, 2024

Iranian nuclear chief: Tehran will not get permission from anyone for pursuing its goals

The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has said the Western governments have changed their language vis-à-vis Iran and that the Islamic Republic now has the upper hand.

Mohammad Eslami said the West thought it could bring Iran to its knees with its so-called maximum pressure campaign and they leveled a broad range of accusations against Tehran to achieve their goal.

Eslami added that now the Western governments have failed in attaining their aims regarding the nuclear issue.

He said the other sides thought that the surveillance cameras of the IAEA would remain at the Iranian nuclear facilities forever but the country switched them off.

On the nuclear deal revival talks, he said the agreement was in fact a memorandum of understanding to resolve ambiguities about the Iranian nuclear activities but the other sides themselves failed to fulfill their commitments and left the deal.

Eslami said Iran’s achievements have empowered the country and this shows that the Islamic Republic is not afraid of the US. He added that the clear message is that Iran will not get permission from anyone to pursue its goals nor does it need anyone.

The director of the AEOI said Iran is now among the 20 top economies of the world and given its capacities, it must act more forcefully.

Eslami underlined that to achieve the set goals, the issue of power plants, radiation systems, the construction of accelerators, plasma and laser systems must be put on the agenda, and there must be a fundamental change in the existing research.

Eslami said it is necessary that operational units have more synergy and cooperation with the research institute, adding that research programs need to be result-oriented.

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