A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on March 3

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Thursday and picked headlines from 19 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1.  MKO presence terrorist threat for Albania

2.  13 judges make way to parl.

3.  Nation’s election turnout meaningful: Zarif

4.  Australia softens sanctions on Iran

5.  Tehranis turn to youths in parl. election

6.  Twin elections held exceptionally peaceful: Official




1.  Rouhani calls for measures to tackle water shortage crisis

2.  Hezbollah chief says group will not remain silent against Saudi crime

3.  Countdown to West’s attack on ISIS in Libya

4.  Iran jumps 6 ranks in HDI





1.  May God bless nation for blessing everyone: FM Zarif

2.  10th Parliament, more moderate, efficient

3.  Clinton, Trump gain key wins in Super Tuesday





1.  70 of inmates kept for drug-related crimes

2.  320 weekly deaths in car accidents

3.  Iran to turn Hendurabi into “peace” tourism resort





1.  World can use Iran’s experience in fights against terrorism: Rafsanjani to Romania FM

2.  35% boost in Iran HDI major achievement: Araqchi





1.  Select MPs: Nation voted for moderation, legitimacy

2.  Iran opens landmark tourism exhibit in Kish Island

3.  Zarif: Voter turnout will help JCPOA implementation

4.  Major Quran school opens in Bushehr

5.  Rouhani calls for efficient water consumption management

6.  Clinton, Trump gain sweeping victories against rivals

7.  Two US chemical firms bid to join Iran Petchem Industry

8.  Siemens signs deal to modernize Iran power plants





1.  Iranians display massive kindness in sympathy festival

2.  IRR1.71bn interests for IRR1.6bn housing loans




Jomhouri Islami:

1.  Zarif: People’s meaningful election turnout helps JCPOA implementation

2.  President honors election staff

3.  Australia softens Iran sanctions





1.  Zarif concerned about JCPOA implementation

Problems with US not settled yet: FM

Parliament speaker says P5+1 has not lived up to Iran deal

2.  Trump, Clinton make major advancements to White House





1.  Hezbollah chief: Saudi Arabia, Israel source of region’s seditions

2.  Deputy Judiciary chief: Focusing on Quran only way to survive modern ignorance

3.  Self-appointed human rights claimants hypocrites

4.  Inmates enjoy full citizenship rights in Iran



1.  Super Tuesday smiles at Hilary, Donald

2.  Iran, Russia finalize major customs coop. document

3.  Aref says reformist eye 70% seats in Tehran city council




Rah-e Mardom

1.  Zarif: JCPOA a historic reality, enjoys leader’s backing

2.  Report calls on new year travelers to reconsider traveling habits

3.  Iran oil reserves cross 160bn barrels

4.  Large Cyprus delegation heading Tehran





1.  IRGC shields nation against threats: commander

2.  Cleric: Next parl. to be powerful, balanced

3.  Leadership crisis in country that says leads world; American population distrust their political leaders




Rooyesh Mellat:

1.  Hezbollah chief: Saudis seek tensions in Lebanon

2.  Massive election turnout secures JCPOA implementation: Zarif





1.  Principalists lost to their wrong strategies: analyst

2.  My generation never leaves: artist





1.  29% price cuts on imported drugs in post-sanctions

2.  Good or bad deal enjoys leader’s confirmation: FM Zarif




1.  Pentagon says will launch attack on Libya soon

2.  Decline in housing market unprecedented in 30 years

3.  Officials: No links for Swift for Iran banks despite claims




Vatan Emrouz:

1.  Nasrollah: Yemenis more oppressed than Palestinians

2.  Warning: Dust storms under way





1.  Iran doubles housing loans

2.  Iran crude exports pass Iraq behind in OPEC

3.  Tax evasion twice oil budget

4.  Iran sets oil price at $40/b in national budget



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