Iran MPs approve all Raisi’s cabinet picks but one

Iran’s Parliament confirms all of President Ebrahim Raisi’s picks for cabinet posts but the proposed Minister of Education, Hossein Baghgoli. 

The president himself defended the proposed ministers for two and a half hours before the final voting.

The table below shows the names of all ministers along with the votes lawmakers cast for them. 

NumberName and SurnameMinistry ofYesNoAbstentionVoid and Blank
1Hossein BaghgoliEducation7619318
2Issa ZarepourCommunications and IT2561710
3Seyyed Esmaeil KhatibIntelligence 2224817
4Seyyed Ehsan KhandouziEconomic Affairs and Finance 254258
5Hossein Amir Abdollahian Foreign Affairs270106
6Bahram EinollahiHealth2145515
7Hojatollah AbdolmalekiCooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare 19177135
8Seyyed Javad SadatinejadAgricultural Jihad253274
9Amin Hossein RahimiJustice27753
10Mohammad Reza AshtianiDefense and Armed Forces Logistics 274442
11Rostam GhassemiRoads and urban Development 267144
12Seyyed Reza Fatemi AminIndustry, Mines and Trade 20560146
13Mohammad Mehdi EsmaeiliCulture and Islamic Guidance1817728
14Ahmad VahidiInterior266163
15Mohammad Ali Zolfi GolScience, Research and Technology  2105619
16Seyyed Ezatollah ZarghamiCultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism2621365
17Javad OwjiOil1987018
18Ali Akbar MehrabianEnergy22047153
19Seyyed Hamid SajjadiSports and Youth16510813




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