Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iran MP: Vienna talks should lead to removal of sanctions

A member of the Iranian parliament’s top security panel says the outcome of the Vienna talks for the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal should be removal of anti-Iran sanctions.

“The negotiations are in a special situation. I should say they are very complicated now. Different options are being tabled by the western sides during the talks. The stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the negotiations is fully clear and its red lines must be definitely observed,” Fadahossein Maleki, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says.

“Our main demand is that the western sides must removal all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. But, currently, there are many ifs and buts about removal of the sanctions.”

Maleki added that the demand for removal of the sanctions is a requirement by the parliamentary legislation for strategic steps toward lifting of the bans.

He further stressed that the parliament is making sure the negotiations move toward ending people’s economic problems.

“Surely, timing is also very important for us and our desired results must be achieved in the shortest possible time. If the negotiations take time and linger on, we will face the same challenge we previously had. This should not happen,” he said.

Iran and the P4+1 group have paused their talks in Vienna and representatives of all sides are back in their own countries.

Iran’s foreign ministry says Tehran is ready to go to Vienna to get a deal, but only if the US is ready to make the political decisions to remove the last obstacles to an agreement.

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