Iran Localizes Development of Advanced Packaging Machines

An Iranian knowledge-based company has succeeded in designing and localising the world’s most advanced packaging technology, using the expertise of domestic experts.

Tarsam Engineering Co., a knowledge-based company, aims to manufacture automatic packaging machines for packing various pharmaceuticals, foods, as well as medical and cosmetic equipment to speed up the operation of factories and companies in the field of packaging.

The company currently enjoys the monopoly of producing this type of device across all Middle Eastern countries.

Machines such as cartoning, blistering, thermoforming, lid filling and skin packing are all manufactured by this company based on the most advanced technology in the field of packing various goods. In the current situation, few countries in the world are capable of making these products.

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Mohammad Shirzadeh, the CEO of the company, says they have built a machine that enables multiple boxes to be packaged simultaneously in pharmaceutical, health and dental products.

“The other product made by the company is the blister machine. This machine is highly productive in tablet and medicine packaging.”

“At the moment, we are exporting our products to Uzbekistan, Iraq, Switzerland and Germany to bring forex to the country,” noted the CEO.

This knowledge-based company has been able to make products that use the expertise of native specialists to offer a high-quality product similar to its foreign samples with one third of price.

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