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Iranian Kebab Helps in Treatment of Infertility

A traditional kind of Iranian kebab strengthens the body, helps with problems of infertility and strengthens the eyes.

A Farsi report by Tasnim says Zardak Kebab, which is traditionally made in Iran’s central Province of Isfahan, is rich in iron and haemoglobin.

Zardak kebab is actually a kind of Shami Kebab which is made both in sweet and sweet-and-sour variations.

For the sweet-and-sour taste, vinegar or palm sap and grape syrup is used.



Minced mutton: 250gr

Carrots: 4 medium-sized ones

Chickpea Flour: As much as required

Onions: A small one

Palm sap or grape syrup: As much as required

Vinegar: As much as required

Water: ¼ Cup

Salt, saffron, turmeric: As much as required

Tail fat or sesame oil: As much as required


First mix the meat with salt, turmeric, and grated onion and carrots. Then add the chickpea flour and rub on it till the mixture becomes firm. Take walnut-size amounts of the mixture, form them and then fry them in sesame oil or tail fat oil.

To make the sauce, mix the palm sap or grape syrup with water and vinegar and put it on heat. Then add saffron and put the sauce aside. After that, put the fried kebabs in a pan and pour the sauce on them.  Then leave the pan on low heat for 30 to 40 minutes till kebabs are fully marinated in the sauce. Now it’s time to serve the Iranian Zardak Kebab.

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