Friday, December 2, 2022

Iran, Japan call for using capacity of nuclear deal

The head of the Central Bank of Iran has welcomed more Japanese investment in Iran, saying that obstacles should be removed promptly.

Japan’s Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Daishiro Yamagiwa in a meeting with Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif on Saturday called for tapping into opportunities that the lifting of sanctions will present.

Valiollah Seif told the Japanese delegation, including directors of oil and gas industry, insurance and banking system, that the Islamic Republic of Iran is keen on enhancing the level of trade and economic ties with Japan.

He said that Iran has great potential for investment and Japan is an advanced country in the field of industry and technology, adding vast markets in Iran and the region offer an opportunity for production of modern industrial outputs.

He said that interaction between banking networks of the two countries play a key role in improving economic relations, adding that Japanese banks helped Iranian trade partners when anti-Iran sanctions were in place.

Seif welcomed more Japanese investment in Iran and said that obstacles and limitations should be removed promptly.

He called for an increase in Japan’s banking activities in Iran, saying that Japanese banks used to work in Iran as representatives, but Iran currently wants to enhance the level of such activities and have branches of the Japanese banks established in Iran.

Japanese Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Daishiro Yamagiwa welcomed Iran’s readiness for expansion of cooperation and said that he would convey Iran’s proposals to the Japanese ministries promptly.

“On behalf of the Japanese government, I would like to felicitate nuclear agreement and we hope the created opportunities could be used for strengthening economic relations,” said the deputy minister.

In spite of international sanctions against Iran, the Central Bank of Japan had kept its cooperation with Iran and hopefully the economic ties would develop thanks to the current opportunity.

Decisions in this case should be taken by Japanese banks, but the government will support their presence in Iran, he said.

He said that the Japanese government is waiting for the implementation of JCPOA, but until that time, the government will support non-governmental companies, which intend to work in Iran.

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