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Iran says Iraq overcame sedition, voices pleasure with return of calm

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ has in a statement, expressed pleasure that Iraq has weathered a ‘great sedition’ in the country following the recent deadly clashes in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The full statement of the Iranian foreign ministry is as follows:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is pleased that calm has returned to Iraq, and prays for divine forgiveness for those who lost their lives and for quick recovery for those who were wounded in the recent events, and praises the patience, wisdom, and prudence of Iraq’s government and nation and all legal organizations in weathering a great sedition.

As it has already stated, the Islamic Republic considers the only solution out of the current crisis in Iraq to be a resort to dialog-based approaches, protection of civil rights, respect for the country’s legal organizations, and adherence to the Constitution and political processes, and hopes that all Iraqi groups and political factions will set the stage for the formation of a new government in the country through being responsible and constructively participating in the political process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran constantly seeks a stable, safe and powerful Iraq that plays a constructive role in regional developments and has never withheld support for Iraq’s legal and political processes and institutions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran wants all political factions, figures and those seeking a powerful and independent Iraq to respect each other’s rights and demands, pursue all their own demands and measures in a peaceful and dialog-based process via the country’s laws and legal channels, while being responsible socially and politically, and block ill-wishers of Iraq from any exploitation.

Given the start of the Arba’een pilgrimage marking the 40th day since Imam Hussein’s martyrdom anniversary and the millions-strong movement of the pilgrims toward the holy shrines in Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes the necessity of respecting Imam Hussein’s mourning rituals and making collective efforts to establish comprehensive calm and ensure the security of all the pilgrims and guests of the holy shrines.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is certain that the Republic of Iraq will overcome this difficult stage by praying for divine assistance, through the guidance of the eminent position of the religious leadership, and with the prudence, wisdom and vigilance of the Iraqi government and entire nation and political factions.

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